About Licensing

All my images and videos are available for instant purchase/licensing and download from this website.

All images and videos on this website are protected by international copyright laws and treaties, and may not be copied, downloaded, reproduced, transmitted, manipulated, hotlinked or used in any way without a license or the expressed written permission of the photographer.

What kind of licensing schemes do you offer for your images and videos?

The licenses available for each image or video may vary. We currently offer the following easy licensing options for personnel and commercial/editorial use:

  • ROYALTY FREE (RF) images and videos are licensed for commercial/editorial use unlimited times for a one time fee.

    Royalty Free (RF) image licences are priced and purchased based on the image size (e.g. a website may use an image which measures 500 pixels on its longest side, or a magazine may require an image which measure 4000 pixels on its longest side).

  • RIGHTS MANAGED (RM) images are licensed for a specific commercial/editorial purpose for a set period of time (e.g. licensing an image for editorial publication at 1/2 page size on an inside page of a U.S. national magazine with a circulation of 100,000 is considered a specific purpose).

    Seems complicated? Don’t worry.... Our website will guide you through the process, with the RM licensing price automatically calculated and presented to you before purchasing, or simply contact us for a free quick quote.

    A Rights Managed (RM) license grants a certain level of exclusivity that doesn’t exist with Royalty Free (RF) licenses. There have been many instances where brands have used cheaper RF images only to find their competitors have used the same image. A RM license can save you from this embarrassment.

    Contact us if you want a quote to license the image for exclusive use.

  • PERSONAL USE (PU) licensed images or videos are for your personal use (e.g. personal screensaver, art prints for personal viewing, personal blog post, at-home printing, slideshows, wedding announcements, online personal profiles such as Facebook, etc) or limited educational use only (e.g. school projects or single-classroom education).

    Personal Use licensed images or videos are not to be used for any commercial purposes. For all other uses, please select a Commercial/Editorial (Royalty Free or Rights Managed) option if it is available.

    Personal-Use licensed images or videos cannot be shared, copied, or transferred to a third party.

    Personal Use image licenses are priced and purchased based on the image size (e.g. a website may use an image which measures 500 pixels on its longest side), and can be used an unlimited number of times for a one time fee.

    Contact us if you cannot find the license you require, or would like a quick quote.


  • Licensing of any image or video does not confer the copyright to you (e.g. you cannot represent or resell the image or video as your own).
  • By licensing an image or video here, you are solely responsible for liability of use.
  • Depending on the image or video content, some commercial/editorial uses may require a model or property release.

How do I know you are the original photographer of these images or videos?

  1. The original photographic film slides and digital RAW files of all my images and videos are stored in a secure archive, and can be produced as evidence on request.
  2. Metadata is added to every image specifying my copyright and contact details when the image is processed. (Note – Some social websites delete this data when the image is uploaded, and screenshot copies of an image will not contain metadata).
  3. All of my photographic images are submitted and registered with various copyright offices around the world.

Are your AI generated images unique?

We generate the AI (Artificial Intelligence) images ourselves for fun and creative ideas using various AI tools that allow commercial use.

As many people use these tools, it is possible for the tool to generate the same image for enquires by different users, so AI images are not necessarily unique (unlike our photographic images which are unique).

I have been contacted by a lawyer about using one of your images. Is this a scam?

I actively use various image tracking services to find copyright infringements.

I then utilise a global legal network to pursue these infringements of my copyright around the world.

You can contact us to confirm if you have been contacted by an approved lawyer, however once the infringement claim process has begun it must be dealt with through my lawyers.